To continue this review of Object Oriented Programming (OOP), this post will cover the topic of class methods vs static methods. The importance of these concepts emphasizes the same simplicity that OOP offers. In understanding these basic decorators, you will be able to write cleaner and more readable code moving forward. This article will be dealing with the theory behind each, the proper syntax and also a quick example. Let’s dive in.

Class Methods

A class method takes in the class as the first argument instead of the instance, most often denoted as “self”. If this is new information, you might want…


In taking a quick break from ESG-related data collection and analysis, I believed it was important to return to Object Oriented Programming (OOP). This move will come in handy down the line when I move to create my algorithmic trading bot because of the flexibility and simplicity that OPP provides. It allows for code to be packaged, and it allows you to modify the data within the package. For this post, we will be diving into two specific aspects of OOP: (1) classes and instances and (2) class variables.

Classes and Instances

Let’s start with the conceptual basis for this article. A class…


If you are in the finance space, you are surely already quite aware of environmental, social and governance (ESG) implementation. If you are not, it is an incredibly exciting and relatively new development that aims to add historically qualitative factors to financial analysis. For this blog post, I will be diving into the popular ESG-related concept of employee happiness. My personal value-driven and long-term-focused investment philosophy aligns well with the fundamentals of ESG, and therefore I would like to explore the merit of some ESG metrics that might work well for a trading bot down the line. …


Since I began coding, writing my own trading algorithm has been a top priority on my to-do list. I know that it is incredibly hard to make them profitable, as it takes a team of individuals working on and updating the algorithm on a daily basis. As a first-attempt personal project, I do not expect this algorithm to start making me any money. A simple working algorithm is the goal for now.

I initially began with a YouTube video series, hoping that a guided tour of the space would grant me immediate understanding. Unfortunately, there are many added complexities when…


Now that I spend most of my day perched behind the same computer screen, I realized how inefficiently I was and still am allocating some of my computer time. I am a bit of a productivity nut myself, and I can’t believe it took me so long to realize that all these amazing software downloads were out there for the taking. These free downloads will, hands-down, improve your time spent at the computer. Please consider looking further into the following list:


My favorite of the list. Amethyst is a tile window manager that automatically formats new windows. As someone who…


I had always heard of “bots” on the web. Everybody seemed to want them banned from their website. They always just seemed like trouble — a kind of trouble that I found awfully intriguing. At that point in the story, I was familiar up to the point of knowing that you had to code a bot. And, prior to starting my programming journey, I had the incorrect impression that the building of one of these “bots” would not be in my future. …

Michael Wirtz

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